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JJ; I summarized my lecture that I gave to the Naturalists over the past few years and to the Centre for Inquiry in a conversation I had with my old friend and work colleague Rob Melvin this morning. Here it is. I'm still working on a lecture I started thinking about in 1972 when we conceived it with my son Jeff and my brother Doug, both dead now.

Rob; Wow thats great!!!

Its title is Sapiens Evolution; What Are We
The General Theory of Universal Evolution

Rob; That was a very interesting presentation.

JJ; Compiled and derived some great conclusions that I developed into a story, the story of us.

Physical Evolution
We are Cosmos, quarks, gluons, electrons, photons of ancient antiquity some dating back to the big bang when the expansion began where Higgs gave us most of our mass.

We are also pure energy, this from Einstein, by the mass conversion equation E =mC^2.

We are ergo indestinguisable from and identical with most cosmos.

Physical evolution gives us atoms fom Suns and Supernovas and simple molecules from chemical reactions and proto-life molecules  and Goldilocks environments where water can exist in 3 states.

Organic Evolution
Life began on earth in an RNA world and lateral gene transfer dominated this era. Complexity coulldn't evolve much because RNA isn't very stable. The evolution of DNA fixed that but RNA stuck around to do transcription and protein synthesis in ribosomes.

We inherit genes from our ancestors.We inherit genes laterally from bacteria, viruses, archaea and now it appears even food. It has been found that genes can cross the gut wall into our blood.

We are evolved from one common ancestor in the RNA world which preceded our DNA world.
The same genetic code is used by all living things to create the same amino acids meaning we are all kin, every living thing with minor variations proving our relationships.

Rob;Thats the only theory that makes any sense


JJ;.Our quarks and electrons are immortal. Our biological organism is not.

Physical evolution creates universes and Goldilocks worlds where life has a chance and time makes the most improbable event certitude.
Organic evolution creates life where biodiversity has a chance.

Physical and organic evolution are the creator ergo there is no creator god.

Rob; thats the clincher people don't want to hear. They don't understand evolution! Thats what I loved about it!!!

JJ; Ignorance is the cause of 90% of the violence on this planet. We are a violent Ape, sharing 98.6% of our genes with Chimps and Bonobos and when we drink alcohol or take drugs we become a reptile and act like one but more unpredictable.

R; That also explains our underlying belief in a greater power. Its because we are all linked together. Understanding that makes sense why people believe in religion but its just their belief and direction is flawed.

JJ; Forced ignorance guaranteed by World Governments, religious institutions and fought for by Rebels.

R; Been going on since the beginning

JJ; People are guaranteed the right to believe anything true or not. But its handy because it leads to Alpha Worship which we are pre-adapted to by our inner monkey social baggage and guarantees Dictators have endless power and obedient followers.

Rob; This old earth will devour the humans and continue after it is cleansed. Its sad but humans don't deserve the privilege of life on earth. Pretty sad!!!

JJ; In our delusional state we are destroying the very thing that gives us life and gives us hope for long term survival. This knowledge should be globalized in every elementary school on earth.

Rob; Yeah but that is never going to happen. If the Earth could choose to destroy only the idiots we might have a chance. I really think there are a lot of people that understand this but the dark force is too dam strong! Too many of them. The world is changing rapidly.

JJ; Neil Shubin has a Trilogy, Your Inner Fish, Inner Reptile, Inner Monkey. He gets it. I sent him a copy of my talk. Also to the editor of the Guardian UK and to Richard Dawkins suggesting they make a movie to share with the world of this story. I also posted a summary of my talk The General Theory of Universal Evolution by Jorma Jyrkkanen on livejournal.com. All life is related and we are the mind of the universe possibly a small subset of many minds pondering itself. The universe has a mind made by itself from itself and we are it. Thats an incredible gift and very very lucky if we use it wisely or if we screw up not.

The Universe is homogenous enough that there are many worlds where life could evolve but the chance of life evolving to ponder our quarks and genetic code is small but the unverse is big enough to make that chance positive. I predict that there are other intelligent beings out there and thats its a normal thing for our universe to evolve life almost anywhere Goldilocks exists.

Rob; Yeah, that pretty well says it all.

JJ; This knowledge has the potential to fix everything. It would lead to us treating other life forms as family and to live in harmony with nature both by our number, deeds and respect.

But also, what a fabulous basis for a truth and nature based spirituality something like Pantheism instead of one founded on homocentric arrogance and myth. The best part? All this can be deduced from answering the simple question "How does it work?" and using the methods and technology of science.

Jorma Jyrkkanen
Ecologist, Naturalist

The evolution of political Bias by Jorma Jyrkkanen

A recent study discloses that Conservatives have a negativity bias. This has profound ramifications for democracy and for the security of planet earths ecosystems. Just how those operate is itself a potential PHd thesis.

I will be delving deeper into its ramifications. Conservatives tend to support religious ideologies which we have seen lead often to ethnic conflict. They also tend to support draconian laws, justice systems and corporate hegemonies. Its very likely that the negativity bias leads to Alpha worship and Alpha dogma wherein powerful leaders are revered and their dogmas are prosletized  over individuals and social agendas.

This can lead to kleptocratic Oligarchies, Theocratic Dictatorships and Police surveillance states with Right wing death squads. Its very likely indivduals are born with these innate tendencies and they evolved during times of warfare and environmental stress where great dangers confronted heterognous populations.

The embedding of enormous numbers of schizophrenia genes probably happened at the same time and many of these may underlie the negativity bias. Fearfullness and the great portent of danger aroused by  suspicion are the paradigm that suggest themselves as motivators for this gene set and these political leanings.


Summary of my Thoughts on Finishing Susskinds 10 Lecture String Theory.
28 Dec 2013

Finished the String Theory course put on by Leonard Susskind at Princeton. Whew. Beauty. Wish I could just blurt out what I Iearned. It was a whole pile of pretty insightful physics. Maybe I will find time one day to translate some of the high points.

Rooted in least action principles, Lagrangians and Hamiltonians, it links to energy, momentum, proper time and relativity and quantum mechanics and is solid. So is the fact that the four forces are unifiable under string theory, a result Einstein spent his post dissertation life searching for incidentally discovered theoretically by Schwartz and Green. It provides an explanation for relativity, Dn-Branes and QED, QCD, hadrons, photons, electrons, positrons, gravitons, gluons and that whole family and is simply beautiful as a theory being invariant under transformations. From Dn-Branes comes the surprising discovery that Feynman diagrams can arise naturally and easily from string theory. Compactification of dimensions is lovely to watch infold explained beautifully by conformal mapping. String Theory does generate a monopole, a very exciting development for physics. Branes which arose naturally from string theory are now the best way to study QCD.

Where it needs attention is in explaining the masses of the particles and the best hope for this in my view is from the winding and conjugal progeny of transition through Calabi-Yau manifolds of which there are probably 10^500 and likely there exist as many universes.

Copyright 2013 Jorma Jyrkkanen. All rights reserved.

What is PTSD and Who can Get it

What is PTSD and Who can Get it?
15 Nov 2013

PTSD is your conscience and your Sunday school teacher sitting on your shoulder on the Judges bench evaluating your actions commenting on the bomb you dropped or the bullet you fired.

It is the mother and the child of the guy whose head you just blew off in your soul and in your guts screaming at you. It is the VC you just executed whose hat flew off revealing a woman. It is the little girl screaming whose skin stuck to her cloths when you burned her to a frazzle with napalm.

PTSD is the haunting you f'n deserve for the evil shit your government makes you do cause they are so completely inept at their job. It is the rage against the beast of Wall Street and the oil companies and arms manufacturers who profit from the stuff you blow to pieces to create demand. If is your humanity punching your inhumanity right in the god damned nose cause you aren't man enough to confront the bastards who did this to you and shove their face into the maggot pile you created.

Your angry they turned you into a hating machine filled with rage. I worked with the enemies of my father and came to love them as human beings. They were like brothers. How could we be so turned against each other by those pricks in politics?

These are the kinds of demons that the psyche of PTSD victims suffer with and this is what the training did to you if you survive and have a conscience. If you go back there thats what your soul is dealing with. My dad suffered these things but to me he was a a hero who gave me freedom and life. It was so painful for him to talk about his inner war.

My buddies who went to Nam suffered PTSD dealt with such demons. In hindsight we are all victims of a brainwashing machine highly perfected by society over millennia of war always for some noble leader who we are convinced is right. In the end there are no winners, we all become losers.

I mean no personal attack against anyone. I say these things because I felt these things with my Dad and my buddies who we shared painful personal feelings with because the kids of PTSD suffer too for their pain and so do the wives and other relatives and friends. I gotta tell you I knew after we spilled our guts out PTSD isn't just for soldiers. It can happen to anyone in society that is put through indignity, abuse and pain and who is helpless against the power of the beast we let loose to govern our human interactions.

What you learn from war is that the bottom line for those guys in power is that blood will flow and you will be the flow-er or the  flow-eee and they don't give a shit about you or anyones life. Just the power. The power to administer the death sentence.

Copyright 2013 Jorma Jyrkkanen. All rights reserved.
The Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Ecological Reserve Proposal; Rationalizing the Need
by Jorma Jyrkkanen
(My original produced 1985 while employed at the BC Fish and Wildlife Branch as Habitat Protection Technician in North Western BC)
If one is to evaluate whether or not to save this pristine ecosystem along with its predominantly predatory denizens, one should look at grizzlies from both near and afar and their relationship to the human population explosion.
The Cave bear was probably the first to go extinct due to our activities. One could well imagine primitive Cave People fighting with these spelluncking denizens with dogs and spears and thwarting them away at night with fires.
This was direct competition for habitat at its most basic and the rationale of those primitive Cave peoples' efforts was human need to live. That was fine when the human population was sparse, but that has changed.
More recently, the Atlas bear of North Africa has vanished due to loss of habitat from excessive logging and poor reforestation coupled to hunting at excessive levels.
Climatic changes may have been a contributing factor, a component of which may have been human induced.
The Mexican Silver grizzly is now probably extinct.
In Poland, the Brown bear is holding at around 30 animals and according to Tadeusz Buchalczyk, there is a necessity of creating extensive less disturbed areas to return the animals to their former high population.
In Bulgaria, the Brown bear population is stable at around 520 and hunting is prohibited.
In China, the Panda bear, evolved from primitive Arctos stock is threatened with extinction today due to loss of bamboo forests related to human expansion.
In the USA, the grizzly is on the endangered species list in 48 contiguous states due to hunting and habitat loss related to the human population explosion. In the past century, in California, it has declined from an estimated 5000 bears to perhaps two in a zoo today obtained from Canada.
In Canada, this bear once hunted over the prairies and may have lived as far east as Manitoba until quite recent times, but not so today.
In British Columbia, it was once present in the south Cascades but is now rare there if not actually extirpated. It is rare if not extirpated in much of the Okanagan and is most probably declining in all of the major developed river valleys with salmon runs.
It is holding its own in parts of BC and Alaska in remote areas and in a few wildlife management units where there exist vast tracts of habitat or where we just haven't got to yet with our encroachment.
It is threatened by expanding rural populations of humans who shoot it when it comes into conflict with livestock. Many bears lose the use of developing areas due to their shyness. According to Leland P. Glenn, adult males using open areas with sparse cover get shot out.
Thus, those bears that stay in developing areas will be shot out while those that leave will be pushed into peripheral marginal habitat where they will probably have lower survival, thus driving the population down in the face of that development.
Inventories of grizzlies are expensive and population estimates are currently based on questionable indirect means, not actual counts. In at least six management units in the Skeena region, they were over-harvested according to biologist Ben VanDrimmelen. Thus, in a good proportion of the region, we don't know what they are doing population-wise for certain, and in the remainder, they are probably being over-harvested.
Population trend estimation from hunter success is questionable since in Sweden, where a small population is thought to be increasing, hunter success is in fact declining.
Management for a critical average age is one method proposed for maintaining bear populations by D.M. Johnson (1980) but it assumes that an adequate sample of the population will be taken to ensure confidence in the statistic.
This may not be possible with grizzlies because of the low harvest rates and subsequent small sample size per unit area.
This doesn't seem like a sound way to manage a globally declining species in the face of the human population explosion.
Long range habitat and management provisions seem to be needed while there is time and habitat available.
Mark L. Schaffer (1983) has estimated that the minimum viable population size to maintain a grizzly population is 50 to 90 animals with about 1000 to 13,500 square kms being required for habitat.
The Khutzeymateen population is probably less than 50 grizzlies ranging over 540 square kms, less than Schaffer's estimated requirement for a minimum viable population on half the minimum space.
This means that this population is sensitive being near the bottom of the minimum viable population, if Schaffer's estimate is correct.
Research on the long term population impact of logging on bears is far from concluded and many important questions remain.
What is the extinction rate/area relationship for grizzlies with and without hunting?
What is the extinction rate/area relationship with and without hunting with and without logging?
What habitat manipulation strategies lead to balanced nutrition in bear populations and if attainable, does it lead to stable population cycles?
Are grizzlies self-regulating and if so, is it through agonistic behavior where aggressive and avoidance responses carry out density adjustments and spacing?
If bears are self regulating, will increasing the crowding by forcing bears into buffer strips lead to more aggressive interactions and to increased competition and infanticide or cannibalism?
Is agonistic regulation if a reality, increased by resource shortages?
The answers to these questions are particularly applicable to the Khutzeymateen where the population is near the bottom of the minimum viable size.
Crowding and habitat shortages have been shown to induce qualitative changes in other mammal populations and these have even been suggested as causes of population declines (C. Krebs, 1974).
The high valley walls and glaciers ringing this watershed mean that there is probably minimal immigration into this valley and that we are dealing here with a genetic population that is geographically isolated and probably well inbred, perhaps reflecting the genotype of the founder population that colonized this area shortly after the last glaciation.
In this respect, the genes of this population would represent a fine control gene pool to compare the evolution of bears in more direct conflict with human encroachment.
Development Impacts
Windthrow, erosion, plant species dominance changes and human activities would have the most important effect on grizzly habitats in the Khutzeymateen. Other factors may well influence grizzly habitat as well including site preparation and species of conifer being restocked.
For grizzlies, research has shown that life is a movable feast and there is a season to be feeding on particular foods. Each season therefore has its special foods and those foods need to be present in sufficient abundance to maintain the population during that season.
What I noted on one of my visits to the valley is the close juxtaposition of foods for all seasons, a perfect smorgasbord in a constrained valley, one that obviously supports a small stable grizzly population.
Knowing that there are estuarine grasses and sedges and riparian grasses as well for spring feed, skunk cabbages later on and other roots and shoots, pink salmon for summer along with huckleberry, salmonberry and later runs of coho to enjoy with osier berries and devil's club fruit, all in proportion adequate to meet the needs of this population, suggests to me that logging activities cannot improve on this basic balanced ecosystem.
It will in fact place it in serious danger. To prevent windthrow, one would have to leave large tracts of tall streamside spruce, abhorrent to the logger, or to not log at all or to log right to the stream's edge, a situation ripe for erosion and damage to the fish population.
To regenerate conifers, fruit bearing bushes would need to be either fire damaged or herbicided, activities that seriously changes the dominance of those species and the balanced relationships each must have in their respective season of use by grizzlies. Burns, depending on conditions, can either suppress or kill valuable food species while herbicides often kill even the root systems of plants or they may promote one food species at the expense of another.
If the new forest is allowed to close its canopy 15-25 years hence, there will be little light penetration to the forest floor thus killing what fruiting species survived thereby further damaging the vegetation balance further.
There will be the noise of development, a harassment to bears, and it may well drive many shy bears out of the valley where they may not have as high a survival rate, thereby impacting on the population.
Some bears may have to be shot or transported for threatening humans in inadvertent encounters. Even foresters and biologists carry guns for protection so that preliminary development reconnaissance may impact on their population, if it is already tenuous, as in the Khutz.
Insect pests, porcupines, stand tending, thinning and so on all require presence of humans, leading to further human impacts of an unforeseen nature.
Skidding and yarding tall spruce over soft valley soils may cause unavoidable damage to fish habitat through erosion and debris and vegetation decomposition.
Siltation and erosion induced by logging will be unavoidable and from research at Carnation creek, we do not yet know how long it will take to stabilize a watershed from these effects. This will impact on the salmon species and as yet, we cannot precisely predict how, once again placing the seasonal food balance into jeopardy.
Spawning gravel recruitment to the system may well change in gravel and particle size and abundance with deleterious effects on certain fish stocks. There will probably be an increase in fine sands and pea gravel’s, making it more difficult for fry to emerge and for eggs to obtain oxygen. Research has identified this as one of the main impacts of logging.
A healthy fish population each present in abundance in season is one of the key food resources for the bears in this valley.
Black bears are also present in the valley and grizzly may well feed on them and occasionally vice versa.
There is thus a dynamic equilibrium between the grizzly and black bear populations, which may well swing towards favoring the blacks which respond better to disturbed sites.
I noted not a single ungulate in the valley floor on two visits, though goats could be seen on the valley walls. There were wolves present though. I have since been informed by a research assistant to Bear Biologist, Wayne McRory, that there is one moose in the valley, but he is very nervous.
The main mystery to me of the Khutzeymateen is how three large predators manage to coexist without ungulate prey species?
This would be a wonderful research question to address in the Khutzeymateen and perhaps only in the Khutzeymateen.
I have described how vegetation changes and management intervention and human activities might throw the existing dynamic equilibrium out of balance.
Any development whatsoever would require human management intervention to prevent harm to the grizzly population, thus destroying this balanced wilderness ecosystem forever.
I have shown how the bear is declining globally, nationally and provincially. There is no ecological reserve dedicated to this species anywhere in Canada.
I have demonstrated how we are largely ignorant of its actual numbers, method of population regulation, or the impact we are having on it through our management strategies.
We cannot guarantee the protection of the Khutzeymateen population with the present state of knowledge as we cannot foresee what will happen to affect the forests there once we intervene.
We cannot guarantee stability of habitat protection measures because of political whims that affect government policies and personnel, over four years, let alone over the rotation period of such a forest.
It will not be cheaper to set aside a valley in the future for these magnificent animals, nor will it be possible to find a pristine one when most of the country is into second growth.
The Natives often included the bear in their totems, and people might belong to the bear clan. The bear is thus connected to humans spiritually.
In this sense, I found that my own spirit took second place to the spirit of the bear in this isolated valley.
I have been to the Khutzeymateen and I found a world where I was the alien. It was a precious experience and one which we should reserve for our grandchildren and beyond.
Even armed with fire-arms, our safety was not guaranteed if the Inhabitants had rebelled. But they did not.
I found the inhabitants shy, curious and peaceful though a bit fearful of our presence.
For human kind to be humbled thus is a wonderful experience, for we have devastated and conquered almost every niche of the Planet and reveled in our arrogance.
To satisfy our curiosity, we seek to communicate with inhabitants of other worlds by sending satellites beaming radio messages proclaiming our glorious existence.
Ironically, here, right under our very noses, shuddering before the threatening blades of the poised iron cats, is a world with strong proud inhabitants not unlike ourselves in many ways, masterfully living in harmony with other kinds.
Yet, we do not seek to communicate with them, or to understand their social structure because of our curiosity, or the secrets of their harmony with their environment because we must soon learn to live with our own environment, instead, we callously seek to destroy their world to satisfy our greed and arrogance.
Are we not yet civilized enough, to give this strong, proud symbol of a world that flourished prior to the human explosion, a tiny remnant of that once untainted land, the valley of the Khutzeymateen?
Copyright 1998 Jorma Jyrkkanen. All rights reserved.
The Chilling Effects of Being Spied Upon, Oppression by Big Brother
by Jorma Jyrkkanen
25 Oct 2013

Being spied upon is a form of intimidation and feels like oppression. It has a chilling effect on freedom of thought, discourse, and behaviour.

Being spied upon makes a person hate the ones who are doing the spying. It breaks any bond of trust and because there is always the potential for blackmail and abuse, mistakes and discrimination. You the victim are not privy to what information is gathered, how its interpreted, by whom nor how its used. It is a sinister violation of your person and dignity. That is why privacy rights were invented by thoughtful founders of great nations like Canada and the USA.

The net result is that a person's democratic rights to free discussion and interchange of ideas is violated and a person might become targeted for wrongful interception and communications alterations, imprisonment without charge or trial because a secret body at counterintelligence may not like their dissenting views. The perpetrators can and do already intercept and subvert and or thwart communications between activists which is in clear violation of charter and constitutional rights. We have seen arbitrary arrests clearly facilitated by NSA and Police social media surveillance in both Canada and the USA of activists whose only crime was believing in their democracy.

Those arrests prolong intimidation and oppression by rendering the victims unable to get government jobs or jobs requiring security clearance. Records of such can last a life-time. Those forms of surveillance are in legal terms subversion of democracy and were found in Police states like the East German Stasi, the old KGB, the McCarthy era cold war anti-communist USA CIA and Hitlers SS and Gestapo. The USA of 2013 and to some extent Canada have both developed technologies more sophisticated than any of these former oppressors and are without sufficient oversight or legal authority from Charter watch dogs, using them for industrial espionage as well as tools of subversion in addition to using terrorism as an excuse for wholesale application to gather information on all and sundry. Certain named Corporations are funding and assisting these efforts and may in fact be the motive force behind their abuse in which case they are in legal terms practicing espionage and subversion.

If a person or persons have criminal intent they will anticipate being spied upon and take countermeasures to render that ineffective. Rather than being helpful, it puts up barriers to intelligence because people will not use electronic communication devices normally and it will lead to technologies that cannot be decoded by all parties involved. The upshot of being spied upon is that it will be harder, not easier to find well funded intelligent criminals and terrorists in the future.

Copyright 2013 Jorma Jyrkkanen. All rights reserved.

The Next Two Hundred Years; My Prophesy

The Next Two Hundred Years; My Prophesy
25 Sept 2013

We will run out of oil, coal, and gas will be short in supply. We will be fully invested in alternate energies including nuclear and fusion may be up and running by then.

The ramifications of the decline of coal and oil are that energy prices will skyrocket as supply dwindles. This will have profound ramifications for the economy, peoples lives, security and stability. The disappearance of coal and oil will mean international shipping will essentially vanish or be back to sailing, solar powered and nuclear ships. Global export and trade will drop to almost nil. Trucking will vanish unless hydrogen fuel cells can take up the slack. It  will also mean the end of metal smelting and manufacture which will mean the end of heavy construction and building. The end of most jobs in manufacture. Bearings need oil and only castor oil is the only substitute for crude oil. Castor farming will become huge bu the cost will be loss of arable land for produce.

Disparity will skyrocket and class conflict will begin in earnest. Syria type wars will break out everywhere in a very hot climate where crops are failing over most of the world.The Plutocracy will become facist and capitalism will embrace them for the protection of the police state. We are seeing the police state evolving even now protecting the corporations. Corporations are helping to create the police states as I speak. The entrenchment of the surveillance apparatchick is preparation for the police actions, arrests, detentions without charge, disappearances and liquidations to follow. Laws as well protect the corporations Ex Monsanto Protection Law. The failure of heavy transport will place a huge emphasis on locally grown produce to feed the masses and emphasize  small intense low tech organic local agrarian practices.

All the while this is happening robotics and AI will be rendering more and more people redundant and what to do with idle masses will be the Police states' biggest headache and for that they are fixing a solution. More and bigger prisons and concentration camps where extermination will take place. America has constructed such places already for its redundant people and over a million Americans are incarcerated already as I speak. This number will grow to many millions.

Add global warming ecological failures to the mix and you have a recipe for massive global economic and population collapse. I predict the global population will undergo a major crisis of disease, starvation, war, more starvation and collapse. Who will survive and what kind of political regime will emerge the winner? Will it be the descendants of the robber Barons and fossil fuel cartels of Wall street or the socialists with their guns who went back to the land? Fascists will resort to nuclear war to save their oligarchies.

Can innovation and alternate energy save us as a species? Our survival believe it or not is tied directly to healthy ecosystems and these will collapse so I say no. Innovation will not work. Our growth, populations, life style and its needs and desires and footprint are too big to be sustained by collapsing ecosystems. Acidic oceans will not sustain the fisheries we need. Hummus will be depleted. Vast areas will be radiation nogo zones. We have seen what a small nuclear disaster can do in Fukushima and Chernobyl. Imagine the global nuclear pollution after global conflict and nuclear wars. Carbon emissions from coal and oil and gas will cease except for global wood and dung fires.

What do I tell the children? Love is the only answer. Love each other and love this planet and learn to live in harmony with nature and each other and socialism is the only survivable political system going forward. Limits to growth must apply long before the above scenario unfolds at its worst. Bertrand Russell and Orwell saw this coming. They foresaw like I do.

Bows, arrows, spears, rubbing sticks, animal skins. The stone age with scrap metal.

Copyright 2013 Jorma Jyrkkanen. All rights reserved. 
On Knowing, Believing and Truth
24 Sept 2013

I had a lovely chat today with a dear friend about what she believes and she asked me what I believed and we seemed very far apart, but it was only a superficial distance.

We have one language for speaking to our inner being and another to speak to our rational being and they are very different. For most people, the language of their inner being seems irrational, inconsistent and unverifiable when compared to the rational scientific language we have learned since the dawn of science.

However, it serves a very different functoin than the language we use to speak to our rational self. It doesn't have to be scientific and verifiable. It has to instead comfort and feed our soul, the creative spiritual inner being that defines who we are in art, music, dance, dreams and feelings. I know I have such a thing as a soul because of my musical compositions. If you listen to them you will meet my soul. There is no other word for it really.

I think of it as our spirit voice and in that language its acceptable to have a God, a spiritual mentor, a connection to the afterlife and to have reincarnation. Saying I believe in these things doesn't mean they exist in the world outside me but they exist in my feeling instinctive being.

In our scientific speak, the rational language, its only acceptable to believe that which is verifiable in all frames of reference, subject of course to change with more information and better theories that fit new data.

A great deal of conflict arises from comparing one language to the other and its like comparing oranges to rubber ducks. If we can accept these separate ways of knowing and allow them their space, then the conflict between science and religion vanishes, and a spiritual person can be both a Darwinian evolutionist and vice versa.

Having said that, my soul is more scientific than most and my spiritual voice has come to the rational side and thats the way I like it. It moved over there after much contemplation persuaded it to do so.

Copyright 2013 Jorma Jyrkkanen. All rights reserved.
Darwin's Descent with Modification Omissions
22 Sept 2013

Evolution is linear in that we get genes from similar ancestors, ie X chromosomes from mother and Y chromosomes from father. But we also got genes from bacteria when our early evolutionary bacterial cell selves joined with another bacteria like the mitochondria.


Then we picked up viral hitch hiker genomes to add to our genes and these became human endogenous retroviruses of which we have at least 50,000. One of them, HERV-W may cause psychosis.


Now we have discovered that intact genes from food can pass the gut into the blood and so there is the likelihood food genes can become part of us as well. What then are we? We are in part chimeras made up of of the rest of our interacting animal and plant kingdoms. This shows that Darwin didn't quite get it right. He couldn't have known it would be this complex or that lateral gene transfer and pathological acquisitions would become part of who and what we are.


Consider the ramifications of what I am saying and think about the philosophical meaning of it. We are a genetic soup made up of a basic set of genes shared by all our ancestors, those we acquired laterally, those we got from our intestines and ingesta, those that mutated and perhaps I should include those possibly created denovo.

Pantheism is pretty much right spot on. Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake by the Catholic Inquisition for espousing such heretical ideas and in Pakistan, Iran, Yemen people are still murdered for similar ideas.

When we say we share 98.8% genes with Chimps we should qualify that for we also share a goodly portion with many other living things on this planet now and in the past. The theory that an intelligent brilliant geneticist creator made us what we are is not supported by the data nor the myriad defects and pathogens we have acquired in the human genome.


The theory that evolution created us modified by serendipity and natural selection and is the creator is supported by these findings.

Copyright 2013 Jorma Jyrkkanen. All rights reserved.
Hiking Yoho in August 2013
Aug 2013

We did Yoho including Lake Ohara, Lake MacArthur and Odaray, then the Valley of Six Glaciers, and the Rockwall Hike from Marble Canyon to Hemlen Falls and Tumbling Creek and Wolverine Pass.

YuknessLOhara copy

Lake Ohara looking at Yukness Ledges across.


McArthur Lake is blue viewed from 30 degrees angle. We ran into buddies from CONC on the way and what a nice surprise.


Then we did Odaray the big brute to the East of O'Hara and got some nice views, Lake Louise and the Rockwall Hike but I haven't got enough room left on my blog site to show those pics so eat your heart out. I am going to another free Blog site to give them my traffic.

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