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Venter and Colleagues synthesize life de novo

20 May 2010

My thoughts on twitter and reaction follows:

Here is the BBC release for Synthetic Life.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science_and_environment/10132762.stm.

Venter is up to his old tricks again. He manufactures Life! This is a historical day in the field of Science. Kudos Sir. I honor you et al.. All else pales by comparison with today's achievement in the field of evolutionary biology. Religion is officially vanquished.

The creationists time is over. The theologians have been relegated to historians of mythology. Venter et al creates life. Evolution rocks. Venter has become the creator. Man has become God except for the mortal bit.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science_and_environment/10132762.stm

History has been made is such a profound way we can never go back to the delusions of antiquity for comfort. Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc etc are undone today by the creation of life. It is science that triumphed over theology.

Evolution is the creator and mankind has come to imitate this creator with the tools of understanding called science and biology. The world has changed today. Gone are the Dark Ages of theological fabrications and pompous kingdoms of priests.

Human beings created life from blueprints of life and DNA/RNA is its program. Humanity has achieved parity today with the evolutionary creative force of universal evolution, proving science is the light, truth & way. Religious wars have today lost their reason for existing completely and forever. Bin Laden is without a cause for his beliefs are sand.

Let truth and peace rule the world and let us move forward with science and humility in harmony with nature, the essence of being. Venter and Colleagues have proven the supremacy of science and evolutionary biology forever and the world cannot go back.

Copyright 2010 Jorma Jyrkkanen. All rights reserved.

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